OECD representatives and ERI experts


A working meeting of representatives of the OECD and experts of the Economic Research Institute (ERI) on "Improving the basic conditions for the digital transformation of business in Kazakhstan" was held on April 25".

The event was the first in a series of working sessions of the parity assessment in the field of basic conditions for digital business development in Kazakhstan, which is held in cooperation with the Government of Kazakhstan with the financial support of the European Union. 

The OECD specialists presented the methodology, objectives and procedure of parity assessment during the webinar. 
The main part of the webinar was devoted to the discussion of determining the priority problems that should be included in the assessment.


The Institute experts shared information on the situation with regard to the current state of development of information and communication technologies (hereinafter - ICT) infrastructure in Kazakhstan:

  • Limited access to reliable statistical data on the real state of SME digitalization. For example, only 56% (187 thousand) of the 330 thousand operating enterprises submit statistical reports on the state and availability of ICT, which does not allow us to fully determine the state of development of SME digitalization.
  • Lack of government incentives for digital business transformation.

The experts from OECD and ERI agreed to continue working together on the project "Improvement of Basic Conditions for Digital Transformation of Business in Kazakhstan" at the end of the webinar.

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