Protests in Kyrgyzstan


In Bishkek, on October 5, protests began with the participation of supporters of parties that did not pass the seven percent barrier in the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the country.

Only four of the 16 participating associations were able to overcome it. The protesters did not agree with the results and demanded repeat elections.

Protests on the square turned into clashes with law enforcement officers who used water cannons and stun grenades. Protesters threw stones at security forces, the media reported the use of "Molotov cocktails".

By the evening of October 5, hospitals in Bishkek received more than 100 victims of unauthorized actions, including about 40 law enforcement officers.

According to the Ministry of Health, as a result of the riots, one person was killed and 590 were injured.

The President Jeenbekov said that the opposition tried to use the election results as a pretext for changing the government. Meanwhile, the opposition is negotiating an interim government.

Against the background of the events, the governors of three regions immediately resigned. The heads of Naryn, Talas and Issyk-Kul regions left their offices


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