Daimler will pay the U.S. about $1.5 bln.


Daimler German automaker will pay about $ 1.5 bln. to settle the "Diesel Scandal" with the U.S. authorities.

"The total cost for Daimler will be about $ 1.5 bln. It will also serve to deter others who might consider violating our anti-pollution laws in the future," said Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen. More than half of this amount is an administrative fine of $ 875 mln.

In addition, the Company will have to "fix" each car at its own expense. We are talking about 250 thousand cars that were sold in the United States in 2009-2016.

Recall that in June last year, the Federal Automobile Agency of Germany ordered the carmaker Daimler to recall almost 60 thousand cars. The vehicles were equipped with devices that displayed understated emissions.

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Saved: 15.04.2024

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