Mutual trade in the EAEU:


In the first half of 2020, the volume of mutual trade between the EAEU countries amounted to about $24 billion - 85.9% of the same indicator last year.

The decrease in the value of mutual trade in 2020 by $4 billion is mainly due to a decrease in average prices, and to a lesser extent – to a decrease in the mass of goods. This assessment of the situation was given by analysts of the Department of Foreign and Mutual Trade Statistics of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

In the country structure of mutual "Eurasian" trade, Russia takes precedence – about 62% of the total volume of mutual exports. Belarus is the second largest exporter in the EAEU (26.3%), and Kazakhstan is the third (9.8%). Suppliers from Armenia (1.1%) and the Kyrgyz Republic (0.9%) have the smallest shares.
The main buyer of Kazakhstani goods in the EAEU is Russia (88%). Kazakhstan received $ 2.1 billion from it in six months. The Russian direction prevails in the "Eurasian" exports of Belarus (93%) and Armenia (96%).

Kazakhstan buys 94% of goods imported from the Union countries from Russia. In Belarus, the share of Russian goods is 99%, in Armenia - 96%, in Kyrgyzstan - 71%. The Russian Federation, in turn, purchases most of the goods from Belarusians (70% of all imports from the countries - members of the association).
In 2020, Kazakhstan reduced the volume of exports to the EAEU by 19.7%, or from $ 2.9 billion to $ 2.3 billion (compared to the first half of 2019). Sales of Kazakhstani goods to Belarus (-38%), Russia (-20%) and Kyrgyzstan (-12%) fell.

The most popular Kazakhstani goods in the EAEU are mineral products and metals.

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