The World Bank interrupted DB Publication


The World Bank has interrupted the publication of the Doing Business rating, as reported on th.organization's website.

WB decided to conduct an audit of data collection and processing. Violations related to changes in data in previously published reports were the reason of such audit.

Data from reports for the past five years will be reviewed, and the World Bank's Internal Audit Team will be responsible for the review.

«The integrity and impartiality of our data and analysis is paramount and so we are immediately taking the following actions:

- We are conducting a systematic review and assessment of data changes that occurred subsequent to the institutional data review process for the last five Doing Business reports.
- We have asked the World Bank Group’s independent Internal Audit function to perform an audit of the processes for data collection and review for Doing Business and the controls to safeguard data integrity», - the message explains.

Over its 17 years of existence, Doing Business has become a valuable tool for countries seeking to measure the cost of business conduct. The indicators and methodology of Doing Business study were designed not for a specific country, but rather to improve the overall business climate.

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