WEF will be held in summer 2021


The World Economic Forum in Davos in 2021 has been postponed from the end of January to the beginning of summer.

«I would like to share with you the news that the WEF this afternoon decided to postpone the annual meeting in Davos in 2021 to the beginning of next summer», said the Managing Director of WEF Adrian Monk.

Dates for the new annual meeting of the forum will be announced later.

It should be noted that the World Economic Forum 2020 (held in January) was the 50th in a row and gathered about 3000 participants from 117 countries, including the heads of 53 countries and governments. Billionaires from 36 countries also arrived at the WEF.

Reference: The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a Swiss non-governmenta.organization best known fo.organizing annual meetings in Davos. Leading business executives, political leaders, prominent thinkers and journalists are invited to the meetings. The subject of discussion is the world's most pressing problems, including health and environmental protection.

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