Military doctors from Kazakhstan help the Lebanese


Military doctors from Kazakhstan provided assistance to hundreds of victims in Lebanon.
Doctors provide medical care in hospitals of Beirut, Bowor, Mashara and Saida.

«I am from South Lebanon and live in Beirut. At this difficult time for us, I would like to express my gratitude to the leadership of Kazakhstan and military doctors for helping my people and children. Welcome to Lebanon!» - FadiEhria said, one of the patients.

Kazakhstan doctors are involved in the treatment of surgical, trauma and therapeutic patients.
«Our doctors are actively involved in the work of intensive care units and anesthesiology, in conducting surgical interventions, including high-tech services such as endoprosthetics. In addition, military medic.organized work of a medical center for receiving and providing assistance to outpatients» - the Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan told.

Recall that on August 7, the Supreme Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan Kassym-JomartTokayev instructed the Minister of Defence to work out the issue of sending military medics to Lebanon to provide medical assistance to victims of the explosion in the port of Beirut. On the same day the military medical special operations detachment was sent to Beirut. The group consists of 29 medical specialists and four interpreters of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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