Sanctions against the Russian Federation


Russian companies were sanctioned by: Himmed, Femteco, Interlab, Labinvest, Analyt Products, Intertek Instruments, Pharmcontract, Rau Pharm, Regionsnab, etc.
The European Union imposed sanctions for the first time under a new global regime for human rights violations against four Russian citizens for the arrest of Alexei Navalny on Tuesday. The US, following the EU, announced the imposıtıon of sanctions against the Russian Federation. The list includes 14 organizations with the wording "for the production of biological and chemical weapons". In addition, the US sanctions are aimed at specific individuals and organizations, and will include export and visa restrictions.

Later, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said that the response to the new US sanctions will not necessarily be symmetrical, the decision taken by Washington is a triumph of the absurd and a hostile attack that will not affect Moscow's policy, it will not be possible to impose anything by pressure.

The position of the Russian Federation is supported by China - the government of the PRC believes that the case of Alexei Navalny is an exclusively internal affair of Russia, and external interference is unacceptable. This was stated on Wednesday by Wang Wenbin, the official representative of the The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC.

Wang Wenbin expressed the hope that the countries concerned, through consultation and dialogue, will be able to resolve differences and improve mutual understanding, instead of resorting to the use or threats of unilateral sanctions at any opportunity.


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