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Kazakhstan plans to vaccinate about 6 million people, or almost a third of its population, against the coronavirus this year, healthcare minister Alexei Tsoy said on Tuesday.

Addressing the Government’s session on Tuesday, Minister of Healthcare said there are plans to start the vaccination campaign on February 1.

At-risk groups are expected to be the first to get the vaccine. Alexei Tsoi stressed Kazakhstan will carry out the step-by-step vaccination campaign. According to him, healthcare workers are the first in line to get the vaccine shots starting from February 1. Teachers of secondary schools and universities are the second in line to be vaccinated in March 2021.

During the third stage of the vaccination campaign teachers of orphanages and kindergarten, students, and people with chronic illnesses will get vaccinated starting from April. Thus, the Minister of Healthcare said 6 million of Kazakhstanis are to be vaccinated by yearend. Prime Minister Askar Mamin said the focal point is to organize mass vaccination of the population and to this end instructed the Ministry of Healthcare to ensure readiness of medical institutions to the mass vaccination.

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