UN budget for 2021


The General Assembly has approved the UN budget for 2021. The chairman of the 75th session of the General Assembly Volkan Bozkyr stressed that the work on agreeing the document was not easy, but in the end the states were able to reach a consensus.  The allocated amount, he said, will ensure the full and effective implementation of the Organization's mandate.

The General Assembly approved a little less than the amount requested by the UN Secretary General, but the difference is insignificant, according to the Organization's website.  A total of US $ 3.231 billion has been allocated.

As a reminder, the UN regular budget consists of contributions from the member states of the Organization.  The contribution of each state is calculated as a percentage of the total UN expenses.  The scale of contributions is determined every three years by the UN General Assembly.  It is based on the principle of states' ability to pay.  This approach takes into account the indicators of the gross national product.  If the economy of a particular state develops successfully, then the size of its contributions to the UN budget also grows.

According to the current scale, the United States contributes 22 percent of the total to the UN regular budget, China 12 percent, Japan 8.5 percent, Germany slightly less than seven percent, France almost 4.5 percent, Brazil 2.9 percent, Canada  2.7, Russia - 2.4 percent, Australia - 2.2, Kazakhstan - 0.18, Ukraine - 0.05, Belarus and Azerbaijan - about 0.04, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan - about 0.03, Georgia - 0.008  , Armenia - 0.007, Tajikistan - 0.004, Kyrgyzstan - 0.002 percent.

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