The Asian Development Bank (ADB) raised almost KZT 14 billion ($32 million) on the Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE) with two issues of green Eurobonds.

Two-year bonds (issue XS2251962903 for KZT 10.09 billion and issue XS2251962499 for KZT 3.87 billion) will be paid semi-annual coupons with a rate of 10.10% and 10.12%, respectively.

These bonds are issued for the purpose of investing in projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions into atmosphere or removing greenhouse gas emissions from atmosphere, and (or) aimed at reducing vulnerability of anthropogenic or natural systems to the climate change effects and increasing resilience and adaptability.

According to the ADB, the securities were purchased by banks and institutional investors.

This is the first issue of green bonds on KASE and the second in Kazakhstan. In August of this year, "Damu" Entrepreneurship Development Fund brought the green coupon bonds issue for KZT 200 million on AIX.

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Saved: 09.12.2023

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