Shanghai International Trade Fair


The China International Import Exposition (CIIE 2020) is held in Shanghai from November 5 to November 10.

Kazakhstan is represented by 35 manufacturers in 8 categories:

1) milling industry, starches and starch products ("Dani-Nan" LLP, "Aruana-2010", "Best-Kostanay", "Salamat" Company", BIO Operations and others);

2) Salt ("Araltuz" JSC);

3) Beverages (Global Beverages LLP, Arba Wine, "Nurzhanar" JSC, "OBIS" Company", RG Brands Kazakhstan);

4) Fish, meat and canned meat ("Kubley" LLP, Meat Processing and Service, KAZBEEF GROUP, "Pervomaysky Delicatesy" LLP and others);

5) Dairy products ("DEP" LLP, "Lider 2010");

6) Confectionery and honey ("Bayan Sulu" JSC, Kondiz Distribution LLP, "Saule" Confectionery Factory, "Pchela" LLP );

7) Vegetable oils (Eurasian Foods Corporation JSC, KAZ-Ir Agro LLP, "EFKO Almaty");

8) Sauces.

CIIE - China International Import Exposition - an effective platform for international products to the Chinese market.

"The Shanghai Exhibition is one of the most popular B2B trading platforms. This is especially true this year, in the context of global restrictions due to the pandemic. Kazakh companies were able to find business partners in China during the exhibition. We hope that the current exhibition will attract a large number of guests interested in purchasing Kazakhstan goods", said the Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Sultanov.

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