Climate Change Performance Index


CCPI (Climate Change Performance Index) portal has published a ranking of countries on the quality of combating climate change. The study evaluated 57 countries, including European countries, with a separate index also awarded to the EU as a whole.

The Index takes into account 14 indicators in four categories: GHG Emissions. Renewable Energy. Energy Use. Climate Policy.

No country performs well enough in all Index categories - the top three ranks remain empty.

Sweden opens the rating on the fourth rank, with an index of 75.77. It is followed by Denmark, Morocco and the United Kingdom.

The ranking is closed with the countries with the worst indicators, and which received a low or very low ratings in almost all categories: Iran (57th rank), the Republic of Korea (58th), Chinese Taipei (59th), Saudi Arabia (60th) and the United States (61st rank).

Kazakhstan ranked 54th out of 61. The Republic managed to be ranked above such countries as Canada and Australia.

It should be noted that electricity generation by renewable energy sources in the country increased by 44% over the year.

In September 2020, RES installed capacity was 1.5 thous. MW. This is 63.2% more than in September 2019, and 45.6% more than in early 2020.


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