Analysis January 2024: Mixed Trends Across Sectors and Regions


In January 2024 the volume of investments in fixed capital reached 790.8 billion tenge demonstrating a modest growth of 0.6% compared to the same period last year.

The primary factor contributing to the slowdown in growth is the reduction in investments in the industrial sector by 7.4%, notably in the mining and quarrying industry, where the decline reached 13.2%.
This is attributed to a decrease in investments in crude oil and natural gas extraction from 270.7 to 224.9 billion tenge and a halving of capital investments in coal mining from 8.9 to 4.7 billion tenge. A decline in investments in real estate operations by 17.5%, from 163.1 to 144.1 billion tenge, is also notable.

Despite these challenges, certain sectors exhibited significant investment growth. In the "Transportation and Storage" sector, investments increased by 2.1 times to 122.8 billion tenge, in financial and insurance activities by 2.9 times to 10.3 billion tenge, and in education by 3.6 times to 10.9 billion tenge.

Regional analysis highlights uneven investment growth rates. Leading regions in terms of growth rates include the Zhetysu region, doubling investments compared to January 2023, Ulytau region with a 52% increase, Jambyl region with 40%, Almaty region with 34%, Kyzylorda region with 32%, and Turkistan region with 30%.

Meanwhile, six regions experienced a decline in investments, including Akmola region by 43.4%, Aktobe region by 38.3%, North Kazakhstan region by 20%, Atyrau region by 19.9%, Abai region by 14.6%, and West Kazakhstan region by 9%.

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Saved: 16.04.2024

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