Meeting of the Responsible Business Working Group


On the 24th of October we held a meeting of the Responsible Business Working Group (RBWG), chaired by Christine Kaufmann. The Secretariat of the National Contact Point of Kazakhstan represented by the Economic Research Institute (ERI) participated from Kazakhstan.

The meeting took place via videoconference.

First part of the meeting was dedicated to discussing the results of the expert assessments of the three countries - Spain, Slovenia and Brazil on: 

1. Institutional arrangements 

2. Promotion and dissemination 

3. Specific instances.

As part of the discussions, comments and key conclusions from the analysis groups were provided, and recommendations were put forward to improve the National Contact Points in their future work.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to preparations for the Ministerial Conference at ministerial level responsible for implementing the Responsible Business Policy (discussing the draft agenda, the draft declaration of the RBWG and other relevant ministerial documentation).

The following thematic areas were considered as suggestions for the agenda of the Ministerial Conference:
  • Alignment and harmonisation of RBWG standards

  • Environment and climate change

  • Sustainable financing

  • Digitalisation and technology

  • Network of NCCs

  • Sustainability of global supply chains.

Delegates had the opportunity to exchange views and provide comments on the upcoming meeting and the first draft of the RBWG Declaration.

The OECD Secretariat briefed delegates on current due diligence work streams, upcoming events, and broader regional programmes.  The status of ongoing RBWG policy reviews of Ecuador and Costa Rica was shared.

Finally, delegates and participants were able to read the provisional timetable and calendar of events in preparation for the Ministerial Conference from July 2022 to February 2023.

For reference:
The OECD is an international economic organisation of developed countries, established in 1948 and recognising the principles of representative democracy and free market economics. The objective of the OECD is to pursue a coordinated policy aimed at ensuring sustainable economic growth and raising the standard of living of its member countries. The OECD has 38 member countries. Kazakhstan has been cooperating with the OECD since 2008.

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