Announcement: SDG side event


Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan: Partnership for Present and Future Generations 

On July 15, a side event at the High-Level Political Forum in New York, USA will be held online.

Side event is a parallel presentation to the Voluntary National Review, an event where all stakeholders and participants are given the opportunity to engage in informal and in-depth discussions in order to receive recommendations on issues addressed in the general debate and high-level panel sessions.


This year, Kazakhstan will hold a side event on «Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan: Partnership for Present and Future Generations».


Speakers will discuss Kazakhstan's progress in localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the lens of improving the well-being of the people of Kazakhstan (human-centered development of society), where citizens, their rights and freedoms are at the forefront. 

Human-centered development of Kazakhstani society implies improving the quality of life of people and future generations, where the unification of all stakeholders is important.



  • Khalida Azhigulova (Moderator). Human rights lawyer, Doctor of Law (PhD, University of Leicester, UK), Master of Law, University of Oxford, UN international consultant on protection against sexualized exploitation and abuse.
  • Alibek Kuantyrov. Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Mikaela Friberg-Story. UN Resident Coordinator in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Yakup Berish. UNDP Resident Representative in Kazakhstan.
  • Ksenia Verba. Head of the Sustainable Rural Development Fund. Vice president for social development of Aitas Holding. Psychologist.
  • Arthur Van Diesen. Representative of UN Children's Fund (UNICEF).
  • Dulat Zhekebayev. Deputy Chair of the Board of the Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights at the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Anar Rakhimbayeva. Director of the PF «ANA YYIl». 


Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Committee for Protection of Children's Rights of the Republic of Kazakhstan; UN Development Program; JSC "Economic Research Institute" (ERI); Sustainable Rural Development Fund and other partners.  

The event will be attended by representatives of internationa.organizations and development institutions, the expert community, representatives of government agencies of foreign countries, non-governmenta.organizations, the business community and other stakeholders.





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