NCP and Benelux Chamber of Commerce


A joint action plan was signed between the Secretariat of the Kazakhstan National Contact Point (ERI) and Benelux Chamber of Commerce

Today Chairman of the Management Board of Economic Research Institute JSC (ERI) Ruslan Sultanov and Denis Van den Weghe, President of the Benelux Chamber of Commerce, signed a Joint Action Plan to promote and comply with OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

The plan is aimed at developing and strengthening cooperation in promoting activities of the National Contact Point on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and disseminating OECD Guidelines for Multinational Companies.

Cooperation between Benelux and ERI will promote activities of the Kazakhstan NCP to a new qualitative level and switch to the mode of Implementation and Introduction of OECD standards on responsible business conduct. 

Direct interest of Benelux and NCP Secretariat makes it possible to discuss real problems and ways to eliminate them through mutual consultations, seminars, conferences, as well as the formation of analytical materials.


It is also expected that joint activities will be reflected in preparation of draft regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan containing OECD standards of successful practice, improving socio-economic positions for employees of multinational companies and other interested parties. 


For information:

Benelux Chamber of Commerce Association of Legal Entities was established on the initiative of Embassies of the Kingdoms of Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 15, 2021.

Being a non-profi.organization, uniting its members to implement goals and objectives defined by the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Association Charter, Benelux represents interests of small, medium and large businesses, both in the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the Benelux countries, covering all areas of entrepreneurship — industry, domestic and foreign trade, agriculture, financial system, services, etc .


NCP - a collegial advisory body that makes decisions on the considered appeals for violation of of provisions of OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, including on information disclosure, human rights, labor and industrial relations, anti-bribery, bribery and extortion, environmental protection, consumer interests, science and technology, competition and taxation. 


Functions of NCP Secretariat in the Republic of Kazakhstan are performed by Economic Research Institute JSC.


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