Rule of Law Index — 2021


Kazakhstan ranked 66th in the Rule of Law Index 2021

The country has risen by three positions compared to the result of last year.

International non-governmenta.organization The World Justice Project has announced results of the Rule of Law Index 2021 .

The Rule of Law Index is a result of study that evaluates achievements of countries around the world in terms of providing with a legal environment based on universal principles of the rule of law.

For reference:

The index consists of 44 indicators, which are combined into 8 factors:

  1. Limitation of the Powers of Government Institutions.
  2. Absence of Corruption.
  3. Open Government.
  4. Protection of Fundamental Rights.
  5. Order and Security.
  6. Regulatory Enforcement.
  7. Civil Justice.
  8. Criminal Justice.

Value of the indicators is estimated on scale from 0 (minimum) to 1 (maximum).


In the 2021 study, number of assessed countries increased to 139 (128 countries in 2020).

Denmark tops the Rule of Law Index for the 6th year in a row. Top 5 countries also include Norway, Finland, Sweden and Germany.

According to the 2021 study results, Kazakhstan took 66th place with a score of 0.52 points, while according to method of the Index calculating, Kazakhstan rose by 3 positions compared to last year, due to the fact that the comparison is with the same 128 countries that were evaluated last year.


Kazakhstan is ahead of such countries as Malawi (67th place), Indonesia (68th place), Hungary (69th place), Nepal (70th place), Panama (71st place), Bosnia and Herzegovina (72nd place), Moldova (73rd place), Ukraine (74th place), Brazil (77th place), Belarus (97th place), Russia (101st place).

This year, Kazakhstan has improved its position on 7 rating factors, and has reduced only on one factor – Criminal Justice.

According to Regulatory Enforcement factor Kazakhstan showed an increase of 12 positions, which had a greater impact on the final rating. The improvement is explained by strong positions in the following indicators: Application of Government Regulations– 60th place (0.63 points), Effectiveness of Regulatory Documents– 37th place (0.61 points), Delays in Administrative Proceedings - 27th place (0.61 points).

According to Open Government factor, the country improved its position by 5 points and took 84th place. The improvement is explained by strong positions in the following indicators: Complaint Mechanisms– 86th place (0.53 points), Publication of Laws and Government Data– 54th place (0.52 points).

According to Order and Security factor, there was also an increase in the position compared to last year – by 4 points. The country occupies a strong position on the following indicators: Civil Conflict is Restrained Effectively - 59th place (1 point), Crime is Controlled Effectively - 70th place (0.77 points).


Kazakhstan's position in the Rule of Law Index


Rule of Law Index 2020

The Rule of Law Index 2021

Overall Ranking

62 (128 countries)

66 (+3) * (139 countries)

1.Factor of Limitation of the Powers of Government Institutions


108 (+3)

2.Absence of Corruption Factor


62 (+2)

3.Open Government Factor


84 (+5)

4.Protection of Fundamental Rights Factor


107 (+1)

5. Order and Security Factor


42 (+4)

6. Regulatory Enforcement Factor


60 (+12)

7. Civil Justice Factor


42 (+3)

8. Criminal Justice Factor


68 (-3)

Source: WJP Rule of Law Index


Note: Position was compared with 128 countries that were evaluated in 2020. New 11 countries were not taken into account when comparing the position with last year indicators.  

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