ERI and AERC to discuss 'Economic growth'


For the first time, research institutes and independent experts have teamed up to answer pressing questions and present macroeconomic forecast.

This year, the global economy is facing a deepest crisis, comparable in depth to the Great Depression.  In terms of its duration, this crisis can be correlated with the period of recession.

The spread of the pandemic, tough quarantine measures led to a synchronous fall of the world economies. Kazakhstan is no exception.

Full analysis of the current socio-economic situation in Kazakhstan and macroeconomic forecast for 2020 will be presented by authoritative economic researc.organizations: the Economic Research Institute and AERC (Applied Economics Research Center) at online conference on August 19  .

For the first time, research institutes and independent experts have come together to discuss the macroeconomic situation, the real sector, the labor market situation in Kazakhstan and answer urgent questions:

➢ GDP of Kazakhstan fell by 1.8% at the end of the 1st half 2020. Have we reached the bottom?

➢ Which sectors were most affected and which ones supported the economy?

➢ How did the crisis affect the population income and the labor market?

➢ How will the crisis affect the country's budget?

➢ What do we expect at the end of 2020?

➢ What should be the economic policy at this time?

Join the online conference 'Kazakhstan 2020: Economic growth in quarantine' on August 19 at 11:00.

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