Monitoring the cost of research


As part of the monitoring of the cost of research on the topic: "Research on improving state regulation of business activities" (hereinafter - the Study) for 2021 the Economic Research Institute Joint-Stock Company  (hereinafter – ERI) asks potential co-contractors to consider participating in the research.

Requirements for potential co-contractors in the framework of monitoring the cost of research services:

- the potential co-contractor has experience in conducting economic research and providing consulting services;
- experience in the preparation of state strategic documents and draft regulatory documents and concepts;
- availability of permanent full-time and engaged specialists for conducting research, with professional qualifications;
- research and / or scientific experience in the field (direction) of this Research for at least 3 years.

In case of interest, the potential co-contractor has the right, no later than 5 working days from the date of publication of this information letter, to submit to the office of the ERI price proposals indicating the cost of services to the email address:

This procedure is carried out solely for the purpose of monitoring the cost of Research services.

Address: 65 Temirkazyk Str., House of Economics, Economic Research Institute JSC, Chubary microdistrict, 010000, Astana, contact phone: + 7 (7172) 28-01-40.

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