The Economic Research Institute announces the extension of the deadline for submitting applications for participation in the Competition "Zhas Zertteushi". In order to participate in the Competition, you should submit your documents by April 20, 2021 (until 18.30).

The intellectual online project "Common cause - Common goal - Prosperity of Kazakhstan" is an opportunity to replenish your knowledge and analytical skills, take online courses in economics, and conduct scientific research together with the experts of the Institute.

As part of the project, the Republican Competition "Zhas Zertteushi" is held for students of 3-4 courses, undergraduates of economic and financial specialties, as well as masters under the age of 29.

Main requirement is to write an essay in Kazakh or Russian on subject of the proposed research with no more than 1000 characters. The essay should reflect relevance of research topic; author's working hypothesis on chosen topic; analysis of current situation; conclusions and suggestions.

More detailed information and tender documentation are available on the website of the Institute of economic research at the link: /ru/Zas_zertteush_2020

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