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On December 14, 2020, the final meeting of Project Management Committee "Partnership for Building National Sustainable Development Goals  Platform" (hereinafter - Project) was held, which was implemented for the period from January 2019 to December 2020. The meeting was attended by partners: Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan, UN Development Programme in Kazakhstan (hereinafter - UNDP), Asian Development Bank (hereinafter - ADB), Bureau of National Statistics and  Economic Research Institute JSC (hereinafter - Institute).

Meeting was opened by Director of the Department of Social Policy and Development of State Bodies of the MNE RK Nurgul Zhannazarova and Deputy Permanent Representative of UNDP in Kazakhstan Vitaliy Vremish.

NurgulZhannazarova thanked UNDP and ADB for provision of system support in implementing the Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (hereinafter - SDGs) in Kazakhstan. She also noted that thanks to the financial and technical support of UNDP and ADB, the Project formed foundation for National SDG Platform.  In her opinion, implementation of the Project was successful, this work included not only promotion of principles of the SDGs and raising awareness among the population, but also was aimed at finding the most effective approaches to implementation of the SDGs strategic and policy documents. "Among the important results achieved in the framework of this Project, it is important to note:

•    Work on the first Voluntary National Review of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - VNR), which was successfully presented at the high-level Political Forum in New York, in July 2019;
•     Development of recommendations and proposals for integration of SDG objectives, targets and indicators into strategic and program documents; conduct a "Mission 2030" business game in 14 regions and 3 cities of national significance, which resulted in identification of priority SDG tasks, as well as current problems, competitive advantages and disadvantages that affect implementation of the SDGs;
•    The First Sustainable Development Forum on the AEF, in May 2019, and the First Regional SDG Summit dedicated to raising funds for implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in November 2019.

In general, it should be noted that implementation of the Project was successful. All the tasks have been focused on complementing or enhancing the effect of measures taken by the Government on implementation of the SDGs" - said the Head of the Departmentof MNE RKin her speech.

Vitaliy Vremish in his turn, noted the importance of partnerships and achievements of the Project. Deputy Permanent Representative of UNDP in Kazakhstan also drew attention to approaches to ensure sustainability of the results achieved - the Project focuses on strengthening capacity of national partners.

UNDP Project Manager Aigerim Yegemberdiyeva presented main results of the Project on the following main components:

-    Strengthening the national coordination mechanism in nationalization, implementation and monitoring of the SDGs;
-    Implementation of technical support in process of nationalization and localization of SDGs in the RK;
-    Strengthening capacity of the Bureau of National Statistics to monitor the SDGs;
-    Establishing a dialogue on SDG financing.

She noted that all the targets were met and the following results were achieved:
  • Within the framework of the Project, the expert potential of Economic Research Institute JSC has been increased in terms of practical use of UNDP methodologies on SDGs interconnections, integration of SDGs into strategic planning documents, and Development Finance Assessment.
  • Increased awareness of stakeholders in 17 regions of Kazakhstan on implementation of the SDGs, including M&E, NGOs, academia, vulnerable segments of the population, private sector, etc.
  • Based on the results of seminars, as well as the "Mission 2030" business game in 17 regions, analysis and recommendations on implementation of the SDGs in each region were compiled.
  • Recommendations for integrating SDG targets and indicators at the regional level into Territorial Development Programs have been developed.
  • Trainings on strengthening capacity of government agencies (MF, MNE, etc.), NGOs in the field of SDG financing using the UNDP methodology for Development Finance Assessment, as well as trainings on integrating SDGs into budget planning processes on the example of Mexico were held.
  • Partnership of international institutions and developmen.organizations such as the ADB, World Bank, and European Union has been strengthened to assist the Government of Kazakhstan in implementing the SDG Agenda.
Another important result of the Project is a development of digital version of the "Mission-2030" business game. At the meeting, the UNDP project expert together with developer of digital version of the "Mission 2030" presented the final version of digital game.

Participants of the meeting also shared their views on the Project. Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Institute Shakharbanu Zhakupova, Head of the SDG Statistics Department of the Bureau of National Statistics Ainur Dosanova and Director of the SDG Secretariat of the Institute Bakytgul Khambar thanked UNDP and ADB for their high-quality joint work. Successful defense of the VNR, support provided in the framework o.organization of trainings with the use of the "Mission 2030" game were highlighted as well.

Genadiy Rau, economic affairs specialist at the Asian Development Bank, stressed that despite the fact that the share of ADB financing in the Project was slightly less than 50%, a lot of good results were achieved. He also expressed ADB's readiness to further support national partners and UNDP in implementation of the SDGs in Kazakhstan, namely, in terms of nationalization of the SDGs. According to Mr. Rau, the ADB has launched a new technical assistance for experience and knowledge exchange this year and is ready to support new interesting initiatives.  

Irina Goryunova, Adviser to the UNDP Permanent Representative, summed up the meeting and noted the lessons learned.

Meeting participants concluded that the completed Project was effective.

For reference: Project main goal is to create a national platform for all stakeholders to nationalize, implement and monitor the Sustainable Development Goals.
With the support of UNDP and IDB in 2019, the Institute conducted a study on "Partnership for Building National Sustainable Development Goals  Platform", in which prepared the Voluntary National Review of the RK, in conjunction with all stakeholders, Rapid Integrated Assessment of strategic and program documents of the RK, revealed problems the 17 regions of Kazakhstan through seminars and "Mission 2030" business game, as well as developed recommendations for integration of SDG targets and indicators at the local level.

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