On November 19, 2020, the Secretariat for Sustainable Development Goals held an online training seminar for employees of the Akimat of Akmola region. The event is aimed at familiarizing representatives of central government agencies with the draft Methodology of Analysis of Gender-Sensitive Planning and Budgeting Documents.

The seminar was attended by: Director of the Department of Social Policy and State Bodies Development of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nurgul Zhannazarova, Program Specialist of UN Women in Kazakhstan, Gulnar  Smailova, and Co-author of the Methodology of Gender Analysis of LEA documents, Svetlana Garashchenko (Ukraine). An International Expert in the area of gender analysis shared her experience in implementing and applying gender-oriented approaches in Ukraine's policy documents, as well as reported on the opportunities for developing this area in Kazakhstan.

Speakers of Economic Research Institute told about the peculiarities of Kazakhstan's gender analysis of documents on planning and budgeting: Deputy Chairman of the Management Board Shakharbanu Zhakupova, Director of the Secretariat for Sustainable Development Goals Bakytgul Khambar, Senior Experts of the Secretariat for Sustainable Development Goals Aisha Okusheva and Anas Abuov.

The main purpose of training is to prepare employees of the departments of education, health and social protection of the Akimat of Akmola region for data collection and its subsequent analysis.

Further training of employees of the Akimat of Akmola region is planned on November 20, 2020, from 4.00 to 5.30 p.m. (Nur-Sultan time).

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