World Talent Ranking 2020


World Talent Ranking 2020 
On November 1, 2020, the International Institute for Management and Development (IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland) announced the results of the Annual World Talent Ranking. The leading countries in the Ranking 2020 are Switzerland (1st place), Denmark (2nd place), and Luxembourg (3rd place). The top 10 countries also include: Iceland (4th place), Sweden (5th place), Austria (6th place), Norway (7th place), Canada (8th place), Singapore (9th place), and the Netherlands (10th place). Slovakia (61st place), India (62nd place) and Mongolia (63rd place) are closing the list. A total of 63 countries participate in the ranking. Kazakhstan took the 44th place.

The IMD Talent Ranking reflects the potential of the economy to develop and attract talents to strengthen its competitiveness. Quality assessment of the economy talent pool is based on three factors. The "Investment and Development" factor shows how the economy contributes to the development of domestic talents, the "Attractiveness" factor shows how the economy retains local talents along with attracting representatives of the international talent pool, the "Readiness" factor measures the quality of skills and competencies available in the country.

The study shows that this year's trends follow past observations: countries that invest in education are the most competitive economies. Moreover, a holistic concept of education development is one of the criteria for developing and preserving talents in the country.

In the Ranking 2020, the world's leading economies focus their efforts on developing talents at every stage of the educational process. Also, one of the key trends is openness to people and ideas. An important factor is the education mobility.

For more information about the results of the study, please visit the official website of the International Institute for Management Development at:

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