Post-COVID: Globalization trends


The International Conference of the Economic Research Institute will be attended by a well-known economist, editor-in-chief of the scientific and analytical portal "Eurasian Studies" Jurij Kofner.


The online conference will be broadcasted live on November 11, 2020, at 21.00 Nur-Sultan time.


The Economic Research Institut.organizes a discussion platform with the participation of leading economists from Kazakhstan, the United States, Germany, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Poland, and Turkey. Analytical discourse is devoted to integration development strategies and global economy.


International experts are open to talk about the most relevant and resonant topics.


Jurij C. Kofner (Jurij Christopher Kofner) lived in Germany for 15 years and in Russia for 10 years. He was engaged in research at the International Institute for applied systems analysis (IIASA) (Vienna, Austria), the Economic Research Institute in Munich, Germany, and the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.


Currently, he is a Junior Economist at the MIWI - Institute for market integration and economic policy (Munich, Germany).


Mr. Kofner considers himself as a committed Eurasian. He is the founder and head of the world's first and only academic department of Eurasian economic integration, which carried out research projects for the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Russian Federation. He cooperates with the Skolkovo Institute for Emerging Markets Research and other international scientifi.organizations.


His professional interests are focused on regional economic integration and all related aspects of economic policy development, international trade and logistics, foreign direct investment and obstacles to it, industrial policy, economic growth models, Eurasian integration, the Greater Europe project, etc.


The scientist will speak to the Kazakhstan audience for the first time on November 11. Don't miss it!

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