Post-COVID: Globalization trends


Polish academic economist Adam Mateusz Suchecki will participate in the ‘Post-COVID: Globalization Trends’ International Conference of the Economic Research Institute.

The online conference will be broadcasted live on November 11, 2020, at 21.00 Nur-Sultan time.

The Economic Research Institut.organizes a discussion platform with participation of leading economists from Kazakhstan, the United States, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, and Poland. Analytical discourse is devoted to integration development strategies and global economy.

International experts are open to talk about the most relevant and resonant topics.

Adam Mateusz Suchecki, Doctor of Economics, has been working at the Department of Public Finance of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz (Poland), since 2009. His research interests are related to public finance and economics.

The scientist's works are devoted to the efficiency of the state budget, local government policy, as well as the economy in the field of culture.

Adam Mateusz's articles are published in international scientific databases and have a high rating. He is the author of such works as: Spatial and temporal analysis of expenditures of the Polish municipal budget for certain categories of cultural institutions..., Elasticity of income and expenditures on culture in the Polish provinces, Spatial diversification of regional expenditures on culture in Poland, Comparative economic research, etc.

On November 11, the Polish scientist will participate in the international discussion. Don't miss it!

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