Post-COVID: Globalization trends


Rector of the Netherlands Business Academy, Professor Jan van Zwieten will take part in Post-COVID globalization trends International Conference of the Economic Research Institute.


Live broadcast of the online conference will take place on November 11, 2020, at 21.00 Nur-Sultan time.


The Economic Research Institut.organizes a discussion platform with participation of leading economists from Kazakhstan, the United States, Germany, Sweden, and Turkey. Analytical discourse is devoted to integration development strategies and global economy.


Speakers with world-famous names are open to talk about the most relevant and resonant topics.


Professor Jan van Zwieten, expert in the field of internal audit and accounting automation, will share his expert vision on new economic trends.


Jan van Zwieten has been working in the field of higher education and coaching for a long time. He is a Director of several companies and Managing Partner of Mentally Fit.


As a professional business coach, he applies sports goal-setting techniques designed to achieve professional excellence, uses scientific research to improve the performance of professional athletes, and develops programs focusing on physical, mental, and emotional health for businessmen and managers. Uniqueness of his experience also consists in the study of sleep and stress impact on professional activity.


Famous researcher will make his speech for the first time for the Kazakhstan audience on November 11. Don't miss it!

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