World Economy Research Center

World Economic Survey 
Main directions of activity 
Main direction of research activities is to provide efficient analytical support in the framework of international cooperation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the world economic processes as a whole.

The Institute of Economic Research evaluates economic impact of potential and current membership of the Republic of Kazakhstan in international economi.organizations, conducts research on foreign economic conditions as well as studies on the world commodity markets, foreign trade, and state of economic security.

The Center conducts research on the world economy in the context of trends impact on national economy using statistical analysis tools and econometric models.

Analyses of economic consequences of global trends are also carried out within the framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan participation in international economi.organizations, including ex ante studies of solutions under consideration.

In addition, correlation and regression analysis is conducted to assess indicators relationship in order to identify the socio-economic effect of measures applied.

Our advantage
The Institute has developed and applied a set of tools for macroeconomic modeling and forecasting for short -, medium-and long-term periods of the world economy:
  • Cross-Industry Balance Model (CIBM);
  • Computable General Equilibrium Model (CGEM);
  • Regional Model of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • ARIMA Model;
  • using a regression model for economic analysis and forecasting;

The Institute employees have supporting certificates for development and updating of the above models.

The Institute of Economic Research maintains expert relations with internationa.organizations and research institutes:
  • EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission)
  • sub-division of the OECD - Eurasia, OECD Directorate for External Relations, and many other specialized bodies of the OECD
  • FRI ("Financial Research Institute" Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation)
  • "Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry for the Economic Development of the Russian Federation"
  • WB (World Bank)
  • Asian Development Bank
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Joint Vienna Institute (JVI) - providing professional training for specialists from public and private sectors of CEE countries, the Baltic and Balkan countries, CIS countries, Asian countries with economies in transition, etc.;

The Agreement on mutual understanding and cooperation was signed between the non-profit partnership Eurasian Center for Integration Research and Communications and Institute of Economic Research JSC on October 5, 2020.

International projects
The Institute is defined as th.organization responsible for interaction on OECD issues. Moreover, the Institute of Economic Research serves as the Secretariat of the National Contact Point. More information about the NCP is available at /en/OESR/Nacionalnyj_kontaktnyj_centr/Ob_NKC/

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